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Pocket Waifu Vol. 2 Full Body Set

Pocket Waifu Vol. 2 Full Body Set

  • Dimensions: All stickers are 5" other than Power and Albedo which stand at 5.5" Tall due to their horns. Width to scale. 
  • Kiss Cut.
  • Vinyl (Glossy)
  • UV Protected (guaranteed not to fade for 3 years)
  • Weather Proof
  • Bundle comes with one sticker of each: Tohka, Kurumi, Megumin, Darkness, Aqua, Kaguya, Chika.

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    A sticker is only as good as the surface you stick it to! Proper preparation is key to a long lasting sticker. To be sure that you have a clean smooth surface before application, we reccomend wiping the surface with isopropyl alcohol to ensure it's free of oil and debris!

    Sticker Care

    Hand wash only (Not dish washer safe)

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    Quality You Can Count On

    There are tons of ways to make a sticker. We've tried a bunch and have done a ton of research to make sure you get a quality sticker that will last you years. Each of our stickers are UV protected and made with material rated not to fade for up to 5 years.