Manga Style Customs Terms and Conditions

Manga Style Customs Terms and Conditions

By purchasing, you agree to the following terms and conditions. You understand that with this purchase you will be receiving (1) hoodie, (1) t-shirt, and (5) 4 to 6 inch length stickers of the custom design.

All artwork copyrights, inclusive of commercial rights shall be retained by The Squad LLC DBA The Squad Lifestyles. (*See Copyright Clause) The Squad Lifestyles reserves the right to decline service. No refunds shall be provided after the sketch step (step 3) has begun.

How it works

Step 1. After submitting payment, in 1-2 days you will receive an email from The Squad Lifestyles to confirm the car and anime character (where applicable) for your design. At this stage, if more photos are required, we'll request them. We will also discuss the angle of the vehicle as well as pose/expression for the character (if applicable).

Step 2. The Squad Lifestyles will create a reference sheet to represent your vision for the custom design and share this with you. After approval, The Squad Lifestyles will submit this reference sheet to their artists. 

Step 3. The Squad Lifestyles’ artists will begin their sketching (note if purchasing with an anime character design, the anime character will be sketched first) then the car. Once the sketch is completed, you will be able to review and approve. You have the option for 3 edits during the sketching phase. 

*Please note that our team will create the art in their own style. We will NOT attempt to replicate another art style. 

Step 4. Once sketches are approved, The Squad Lifestyles’ artists will then complete the coloring of the design and you will be shown the completed artwork. 

Step 5. The Squad Lifestyles will then begin manufacturing your goods (hoodie, t-shirt and stickers.) After printing completion, you will be shipped your goods.

Apparel goods will have a color matched The Squad Lifestyles Logo on the front left chest area and custom design on the back side.

The entire process from purchase to shipping of the goods is expected to take 2 months (times may vary due to a variety of factors).

You can purchase additional hoodies, shirts and/ or stickers of the design at the following prices per unit: Hoodie ($65), Shirt ($35) and Sticker ($8). All prices subject to the appropriate taxes.




*Copyright Clause:

Transfer. All designs produced or created by User as a result of or related to using this service shall be deemed to have been prepared for The Squad LLC and is agreed that all intellectual property rights and all copyrights pertaining to the designs shall be owned by The Squad LLC. Any intellectual property rights or copyrights vested in User, user hereby assigns to The Squad LLC all right, title, and interest in and to such proprietary rights and copyrights in the United States and elsewhere. To the extent that any portion of a design is not deemed transferable and The Squad LLC’s intellectual property by operation of law or is not conveyed to The Squad LLC, User hereby assigns and transfers to The Squad LLC all right title and interest in all copyrights, inventions rights and all other intellectual property rights to all designs. User represents, warrants and covenants that all agents of user using this service shall have, prior to commencing, executed written agreements requiring them to permit such assignment and transfer by user.